TIPA targets crisps and nuts with new compostable film


TIPA has unveiled a new thin compostable film for crisps and nuts.

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The company said that the 312MET film has “superior sealing properties and a particularly high barrier that enables quick converting without the need for an additional sealing layer”.

Dr Eli Lancry, TIPA’s chief technology officer, said: “TIPA endeavours to always remain on the forefront of developing innovative, planet-friendly technology. We are proud to launch a film that performs just like traditional plastic with an extremely high barrier, offering customers convenience and reassurance that the quality of their product will be protected. This is only one of many novelty products we have and will produce in our R&D centre.”


The UK is the third highest consumer of crisps and salty snacks worldwide, with six billion packs consumed each year. WRAP said that the UK disposes of 290,000 tonnes of flexible packaging each year. It is claimed that only 6% is being recycled.

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