Survey finds half of consumers struggle to recycle packaging


A new survey from FMCG Gurus has found that 68% of global consumers believe that food, drink, and supplement brands should be doing more to protect the planet.

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The survey found that almost half (46%) of consumers said that they find it difficult to recycle some types of packaging, indicating that brands should do more to reduce materials in packaging to streamline the recycling process.

Over a third (41%) of global consumers say that they find recycling to be too time-consuming. This further highlights the importance of brands providing simpler recycling information that’s easy to understand on the packaging of products.


Half (47%) of consumers also said that they keep packaging for alternative uses after consumption, and packaging that can be reused and repurposed post-consumption can stand out and appeal to consumers.

Emily Smith, content & editorial analyst at FMCG Gurus, said: “Consumers are willing to pay premium prices for packaging that’s green and clean and is deemed safe by these consumers. FMCG Gurus consumer insights found that over half of consumers are happy to pay more or a grocery product if they know the packaging offers them maximum safety. The heightened emphasis being placed on packaging that is green, clean, and safe is something that is going to continue for some time as consumers continue to be concerned about future variants of COVID-19, their overall wellbeing, and the state of the environment.”

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