How To Do A Good Product Packaging Design


Product packaging design is an important part of commodity composition, is to realize the product value and the use of the value of the means. Any successful commodity packaging, must be to meet the needs of the market as the principle, set up a bridge between the production and consumption of goods, and people’s lives are closely related.

First, the guidance of product packaging design: market

Packaging design is the perfect combination of art and scientific nature, apply to the product packaging to protect and beautify the aspect, it is not a general art, is not only a simple decoration, but a combination of science, art, material, multi-function integrated elements, such as economy, psychology, market as a whole, has become a modern commodity production and marketing one of the most important link. So how to do a good job in packaging design is the industry has been exploring the problem, today and we discuss the product packaging design those strategies.

Packaging design, the first thing to have a sense of the market, to fully understand the market. Only by fully understanding the market, in order to do a good job of packaging design creative positioning. Packaging design positioning includes: traditional positioning, symbolic positioning, brand positioning, gift positioning, difference positioning, promotion positioning, etc. Any product to enter the market circulation and consumption, there must be a packaging theme and focus, here focus on the targeted packaging design. Only by making the goods marketable can they be more competitive in the market.

1. To understand the market, you have to go into it. Only into the market, to connect the market and grasp the market, only good classic packaging design can meet the needs of the market and the needs of The Times. We should deeply study why good product packaging design will attract the attention of consumers, analysis of the reasons for success, the solution of these problems for packaging designers are of important reference value.

2. Get into the business or into the customer. That is to walk into the object of our service, to understand the purpose of the service object is to understand the actual market needs, more accurate positioning of the enterprise, and at the same time, to check the quality of products for on-site testing. The basic understanding of the products to be packaged, then the final market-oriented packaging design will be targeted, and the needs of The Times, the market needs, personal needs, so as to ensure the accurate entry of products into the market. The core of packaging design: Creativity creative positioning occupies the core position in the whole operation process of packaging design.

The positioning of packaging design must be determined according to the characteristics of commodities, marketing planning targets and market conditions to determine the key information and image performance. Usually, after the design and planning department integrates the detailed marketing plan, it is necessary to further screen, summarize and analyze the plan, find out the entry point of visual performance, highlight the characteristics, strengthen the key points, and try to carry out creative expression from different perspectives, and finally select the best design plan. For example, the Coca-Cola bottle itself is one of the classic designs. Coca-Cola has many products, and the company sizes them differently in different countries according to the actual situation.

Third, the soul of packaging design: The method of conception is to make key breakthroughs from a certain level and a certain Angle under the guidance of modern design positioning theory, so as to produce specific design treatment forms. The core of the product packaging design idea is to consider what to represent and how to represent these two issues. In order to find the perfect answer to these two problems, we must solve the problems of the four links of expression, expression point of view, expression technique and expression form.

Generally speaking, the design goal is the key point, the breakthrough point is the Angle, the tactics is the technique, and the weapon is the form. product packaging design can try to design from the following aspects: 1. Logo as inspiration. Start with the name of the product, and then take this as the main design elements for creative ideas.

2. Comprehensive consideration should be given to the raw materials of commodities. At present, the application of this design technique in the field of packaging design is very extensive, such as: all kinds of fruit juice packaging using the realistic image of its fruit raw materials.

3. Consider the origin of products. The distinctive exotic customs, scenery, pastoral scenery and other visual elements of the raw material origin are taken as visual elements to attract the audience’s attention.

4. Start with the application scenario. Using form as the starting point, lenovo design elements, can let people have a sense of immersive.

5.Start with the object of the product. Understand their interests, tendencies, and find the appropriate expression elements to express them. For example, men’s products use a rugged visual image, while young girls’ products use youthful visual symbols.

6. Be good at using graphics related to the product to represent the product. For example, the graphics of snow mountains and clear lake show pure water, and the exciting game scenes show drinks and sporting goods.

7. Use aesthetic graphics that people like to see. For example: beauty, flowers, animals, scenery, ethnic customs and so on.

8. Serialized design from the perspective of corporate image. Based on the overall image of the company, pay attention to the unity and continuity of the company image and product packaging. 9. Design ideas with characteristic color composition. Analyze and study the colors in the design, and arrange them reasonably, so as to create unique color features and product styles. Summary product packaging design is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics and consumer psychology, which directly affects consumers’ desire to buy. We firmly believe that packaging is a powerful means to establish the affinity between products and consumers.

With economic globalization today, packaging and commodities have been integrated. Packaging, as a means to realize the value of goods and use value, plays an extremely important role in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption. In short, good product packaging design is the product to develop the market edge.

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