Analysis Of The Current Situation And Development Prospect Of The Printing Industry In 2022


As an important part of China’s press and publication industry, the printing industry has dual attributes of both cultural industry and manufacturing industry, and is an important industrial support for China’s national economy.Over the past 70 years, China’s printing industry has been developing rapidly with the growth of the People’s Republic of China. The number of printing enterprises has increased from over 1,000 at the beginning of liberation to nearly 98,000, an increase of more than 90 times.

The number of printed publications has increased from less than 10,000 to more than 500,000, an increase of more than 50 times.After 70 years of hard work, China has established a printing processing and manufacturing industry chain system with complete governance system and complete industrial categories, and has developed into the second largest printing country in the world.

Analysis of the current situation and development prospect of the printing industry in 2022

At present, China’s printing industry equipment level is uneven, obviously formed a polarization: namely, the market has a variety of high-speed, high-grade, in the world’s leading imported printing press, there are also a variety of printing equipment with low technical content, poor quality.

In particular, most small and medium-sized printing enterprises, due to the lack of funds, most of the use of low – and medium-grade printing equipment.Many printing enterprises buy second-hand imported printing equipment, and many small-scale enterprises use old printing presses. The production equipment of post-press process is also relatively backward, and some printing equipment is nearly aging.Compared with these small and medium-sized enterprises, some large printing enterprises are more advanced in their equipment, with complete functions, high degree of automation and stable performance, which can undertake to print a variety of high-end printing products.This weak a strong current situation, shows that the overall strength of China’s printing industry is insufficient.

What is the development status and trend of the world’s printing industry in 2020?In this digital era, it is well known that traditional printing enterprises must embark on the road of printing e-commerce, contact the Internet and embrace Internet + if they want to develop and change.At present, with the development of China’s printing e-commerce market, there have been a large number of e-commerce platforms. With the arrival of a large number of domestic consumables and equipment suppliers and the emergence of other major e-commerce platforms, it is no doubt that a new development tide in the printing industry is stepping up, and the market will also present a prosperity.

In China’s printing industry, the printing industry known as the urban industry has become one of the most growing industries in recent years, and continued to grow at a rate of 10%-12%.From the perspective of layout, printing enterprises are relatively dispersed, which is not conducive to the daily supervision of the printing industry.From the perspective of enterprise scale, the scale of printing enterprises in developed areas such as coastal areas is large, while the scale of printing enterprises in inland areas is relatively small.From the perspective of business structure, only a few enterprises have sufficient supply of goods, while most enterprises have a tight supply of goods.

It is because there are many small printing enterprises, low grade, repeated construction and other phenomena, many enterprises do not have their own characteristics, the proportion of high and new technology in the use of these printing enterprises is still very low.Printing has the function of improving the added value of goods, improving the grade of products and enhancing consumption.But compared with the developed countries, the total output value of China’s printing industry is still very low.There are figures for proof: at present, the total output value of China’s printing industry only accounts for about 4% of the total output value of the world’s printing industry, and accounts for only 2.5% of the national GDP.

And the labor efficiency of China’s printing industry is also low, even less than one tenth of the developed countries.Admittedly, low labor efficiency is determined by a variety of factors, on the one hand depends on the technological innovation and transformation of enterprises, on the other hand depends on the overall improvement of the quality of employees.

With the development of digital technology and network technology, the traditional printing industry has been greatly hit, which has completely changed the development trajectory of the printing industry and the operation mode from design to production within the printing enterprises. Printing enterprises have begun to try to transform in order to better participate in the competition of non-printing fields and network media.More and more forms of media are participating in the competition of traditional print advertising, the number of newspapers, magazines, periodicals advertising is being ruthlessly eroded by online advertising and other types of communication methods.

In the future, the demand of the printing industry is constantly changing, and the production of the industry will gradually realize the digital workflow. The main development direction of digital printing will be adjusted to the development of large groups and multinational enterprises, making the production efficiency and cost more and more competitive.In the face of the increasingly serious environmental pollution, green printing has become the main development direction of China’s printing industry;The development direction of printing enterprises is to use the Internet to serve the management of printing enterprises.

The world’s printing industry, which has long been positioned as a market for processing industry, has come to the moment of transformation, upgrading and repositioning. It must connect with modern service industry and cultural industry, extend the industrial chain through cross-industry development, actively seek for market demand and tap the potential demand of the market for greater development opportunities.

At present, the world’s printing industry energy saving and emission reduction requirements are increasing.Green printing has become the mainstream of the future development of the global printing industry.With the continuous development of Internet information technology, “Internet +” thinking has been continuously introduced into various fields and industries, forming a new economic form, and the change of business pattern caused by this economic form has made enterprises in various industries face unprecedented challenges and opportunities.In order to seize the opportunity of discovery and adapt to the needs of current development, the world’s printing industry began to innovate.In the era of Internet +, printing technology is developing more rapidly.

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