When it comes to one of the worlds largest sportswear companies debuting a new footwear technology the stakes are high. Process was tasked with conception, developing, and manufacturing an influencer packaging experience that would support the product seeding efforts of Adidas’s newest footwear technology, Nemeziz. Through our understanding of current social media trends, we designed a kit focused around the influencer sharing the unboxing experience through the use of “live” and video story features on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. Capturing the natural excitement of the influencer as they explored the packaging and debuted the product with their social media audience watching along, created an intimate organic experience and massive product awareness in a matter of minutes.



adidas, a renowned leader in sporting goods and footwear technology.


Conceptualize custom VIP influencer kits. Complete with 2 pairs of shoes, soccer ball, and accessories to promote an updated release of the adidas Nemeziz soccer line.


Create a showcase display for VIP influencers.


Packaging was custom built using hardwood, and acrylic materials.



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